10 Best Momo Places in Kathmandu

10 Best Momo Places in Kathmandu

The blog is an informative listing guide for best Momo places in Kathmandu. Experience may vary for others. Read reviews for more insights.

Momos, Hmm… yummy!

During your visit to Nepal, many of you might have heard of this many times. Some of you may also have tasted. Momo is basically a dumpling with some form of filling, be it veggies, paneer, meat, and many others. 

But, Momos are not limited to a single flavor. There are varieties of momos you can find in Nepal. Steamed, fried, Chilly, Jhol, Cheese, etc are some of the popular types of momos in Kathmandu and you should definitely give a try in one of the best Momo places in Kathmandu listed below.

Some of you might be wondering where Momos actually came from? However, the origin is unknown and still a mystery. Some say it originated somewhere in Central Asia, where people such as Mongolian, Turkish and Persian lived. 

Now, let’s get into how the delicious dish came into Kathmandu of Nepal. Momos are believed to have spread from Tibet in Nepal. Some travel merchants might have brought the recipe with them after returning from trade in Tibet. It can be considered as one of the best food inventions ever.

Momos are well known everywhere in Nepal. You’ll find them even in the trekking routes and regions if you are lucky. Momos in Kathmandu are tastier but I don’t recommend you jump in to random momo shops. I’d rather go to a well known, tasty and hygenic momo place. And this list is for you to find one.

These are no secret places for anyone who is familiar with Kathmandu. While there are momo shops every where around its not easy to find a perfect momo place to match your needs. Some of these are best for the taste of momos, some for their service and some for their perfect momo pickles. We enlist all of those and discuss whats special about each of them.

Every place has its own specialty but with all those, we list the 10 best places for momos in Kathmandu. Anyways, let’s head on to 10 Best Momo Places in Kathmandu.

10. Narayan Dai ko Masungalli ko Famous Momo

This place has a special history to it. A secret recipe of handmade momo making has been preserved and passed on upon for nearly 60 years. It is one of the oldest and also has one of the best momo in Kathmandu. 

Narayan Dai ko momo has its branches in Basantapur, Jhochhen, Putalisadak, and Ratopool. In 1962, Narayan Dai ko momo started off its business and the rest is history. You will hardly find anyone who hasn’t heard of this momo place. Students, merchants, traders, all hurdles and wait long enough to have a plate of momo. 

“Never miss this place whenever I go to New road. The place has been upgraded with different spicy achar. And the momos are mouth-watering.” – Sagun Shrestha 

Source: Google Reviews

9. Bota Momo

Having outlets in 7 different locations, Bota Momo has established itself as one of the best restaurants serving varieties of momos. Many find Bota’s momo menu as the best.

Bota Momo started its services from May 21st, 2015. Bota serves momos and various other dishes such as biryani, burgers, rolls, lunch sets as well. If you ever go to this place, I highly recommend you to try the Jhol Bota Momo. 

“My favorite place to eat different types of momo at a reliable price. Food quality is excellent, the restaurant is also clean, self-service. It does not take too much time for waiting for food item”- Ankita Shah

Source: Google Reviews

8. Dharahara Momo Center

It has been a decade and still, this place is as crowded as ever. Just beside the famous Dharahara tower, this momo place is popular among locals. This place serves the best momo with amazing achar (sauce). It is said that a special peanut is added which enhances the taste of the momos. The mouthwatering momos makes you fall in love with this place.

“This place is awesome”-Siddhant Singh

Source: Google Reviews

7. Momo Mantra

Thakali style mutton momo and pork momo are specialties of this place. It has two outlets, one at Mid Baneshwor and Kamladi, Kathmandu. The ambiance is quite good which means you won’t have to stand in a queue waiting for your turn. The quality of the momo is quite good making it one of the best places for Momo in Kathmandu.

“Have to wait for some time but they serve a good plate of momo. Every time nostalgic feeling swirl in mind whenever I bite some. Still the same.” – Neerawj

Source: Google Reviews

6. Shakya’s Momo

Located in front of Basantapur Durbar Square, the shop is owned by a Newari couple. The momos are made from scratch and with proper care. The next best thing about this place is the cold homemade soup which is poured over the fresh hot buff momo. If you are fascinated by Newari cuisine then these homemade momos are worth it.

5. Bagmati Sweet House

Well, this place is for the vegetarians who love momos. The soft and juicy momos are filled with seasoned cheese. The momos are unique in taste and to sum it up comes the special tomato achar (Sauce). You can also finish up your meal with some desserts like Rasgulla, kheer(sweet rice pudding). The ambiance is rather small though so you should be quick with your meal.

“Incredibly good local MoMo and Samosa. Low cost for all the dishes and an incredible sauce for all the dishes. I’ll be frequenting on my stay in Kathmandu” – Nathanael Koehler

Source: Google Reviews

4. Shandar Momo

‘Tapari’ (traditional Nepali bowl made with leaves). Yeah, the momos are served in Tapari here. There are no seating arrangements in some of its outlets and you will have to stand in a queue like everybody else for the momos. If you are a typical food lover then the local taste of momo won’t disappoint you. The sauce is the best which compliments the taste of momos. The place is right in front of the Suraj Arcade in Newroad, Kathmandu.

“A perfect place to enjoy the Nepali snack i.e. Mo: Mo. This place serves the best Mo: Mo in the town of all varieties (Chicken, Buff, and Veg). The rates are low with great taste and hygiene.” – Shreejan Shrestha

Source: Google Reviews

3. Ghangri Sui-Mai Momo; open Momo in Kathmandu

Normally the momos you find around Kathmandu are enclosed. This is one of the places that serves open momo in Kathmandu But, at Ghangri you will find open momos. This place is also famous for the different special sauces like tangy, sweet and peanut-based. Mixing these sauces into the open momo makes the momos delicious. The Ghangri Sui-Mai momo is located in Teku, Kathmandu.

“Food is still the same from years ago. The rustic feel to the place. Same cutlery as 15 years ago :)” – Utsav Maden

Source: Google Reviews

2. New Dish Restaurant

The restaurant is located in New Road Kathmandu. There is not much space and there are few limited seats. The place is famous for the finest pork momos in Kathmandu. You may have trouble finding the place so, it’s better to ask the locals or people walking along the footpath. 

“Excellent place for a good, cheaper eat. Pork momo is a must!” – Ankita Amatya

Source: Google Reviews

1. New Everest Momo Center

You may be wondering there must be some sort of special thing about this place, and you are definitely right. It is one of the oldest yet one of the most popular momo hubs in Kathmandu. The price of momos is affordable and of quality. It is located at Lekhnath Sadak, Kathmandu and has been in service since the last decade. The momos are perfectly seasoned and the dipping sauce is on a whole nother level. This makes Everest Momo Center the best place for momo in Kathmandu.

“Best momo in town .. awesome sauce.. just outside of Thamel is new Everest momo, it’s a very old Restaurant where u only can fine is momo.. get in pay first and wait for delicious momo.. cheaper and tasty” – Amir Man Maharjan

Source: Google Reviews

Momos are best when served with the right dipping sauce. The natives of Kathmandu love this dish. Momos can be found in every kind of cafe and restaurants from local street food stalls to five-star hotels.

Hope you enjoyed our article 10 Best Places for Momo in Kathmandu and it will surely give a good information around best Momo places in Kathmandu.

Feel free to add any other momo places in the comments below and I’ll add them as Honorable mentions. Also, check our other Nepal Travel Blogs.

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