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Best Season To Trek In Nepal

Posted On:Saturday, May 21, 2022
Best Season to Trek in Nepal

Best Season To Trek in Nepal Every season and time has its own perks. Autumn and Spring may be considered the best season to trek in Nepal but that doesn’t mean Summer and Winter won’t provide you with amazing views and experiences of a lifetime.

Best Season To Trek in Nepal:

Best Season To Trek in Nepal With the busy work life and frustrating deadlines, we tend to find ourselves buried deep in the work life. Some quality times and refreshing memories are important once in a while. And could there be any better way to create beautiful moments and escape from a busy work-life schedule than going on trekking and exploring amazing places? Most travellers have bucket lists filled with places they would always want to go to. Nepal is one such place.


Who wouldn’t want to travel to a country that has almost everything that a traveller wants? Rich in natural beauty, amazing landscapes rough trails, and scenic riverbanks connecting beautiful villages and people of different cultures have made Nepal one of the most popular trekking destinations in the world.

Most people want their trekking journey to be as enjoyable and memorable as possible. They would want to have quality time spent with their friends and families. Nepal has numerous places that offer amazing experiences.

Seasons in Nepal

Generally, most seasons in Nepal can be considered trekking seasons in Nepal. However, factors such as crowds, and your tolerance to heat, cold and rain may affect your trek experience in different seasons of Nepal. This is a guide or more sort of an informative blog on different seasons in Nepal and which is the best time of year to trek in Nepal.

Summer Trekking in Nepal

The summer season starts in June and ends in August. June, July and August are characterized by high temperatures, heavy downpours, and slippery and muddy paths. Monsoon season in Nepal is considered one of the busiest for tourists but not the best season for trekking in Nepal. The mountains are usually covered with clouds and might obstruct the view.

Temperatures during this season are usually around 30°C+ above 2000m altitude and can reduce to 20°C when you trek towards the upper regions. However, less rainfall in highland deserts makes up for the best monsoon treks. Rainfall can be a hindrance on your monsoon trekking in Nepal but you will definitely be able to witness beautiful scenery in the mornings.

The regions such as Manang, Mustang and the Dolpo offer the best monsoon treks as these regions don’t get affected much by the rain. Rara Lake Trek is also considered one of the best monsoon treks in Nepal, as the high mountains and hills block the monsoon clouds which makes the region dry and preferable for monsoon trekking in Nepal.

Summer is one of the best seasons to visit Kathmandu as you will be able to enjoy local festivals such as Ropai Jatra in June and Gaijatra in August. If you are planning for trekking in Mustang Region you will be able to enjoy Yartung Mela, which is famous in Muktinath Valley.

Autumn Trekking in Nepal
Everest Region, Nepal

The Autumn season lies between September and November. It is considered the best time of year to trek in Nepal, so most of the famous trekking trails are crowded. Pleasant weather and clear skies make Autumn the best season for trekking in Nepal.

The temperature during the Autumn season in Nepal ranges from 15°C – to 24°C and may vary in different trekking regions. Unobstructed views of mountains are expected as the chances of rainfall are minimal.

Everest Base Camp Trek, Annapurna Base Camp Trek and Mardi Himal Trek are the best autumn treks in Nepal. Mesmerizing views of the mountains like Everest and Annapurna make these treks worth going on during the months of Autumn.

Indra Jatra is celebrated in Kathmandu Valley in September. Also, two major festivals Dashain and Tihar are celebrated in September and October. If you are willing to do Everest Region Treks you will be able to enjoy the Mani Rimdu Festival in October/November.

Winter Trekking in Nepal

Winter Season starts in December and ends in February. The months are cold and even colder in mountainous regions like Everest, Annapurna and Langtang. The winter season in Nepal brings in snowfall and may obstruct the trekking trails.

The temperature varies in different places, the Everest Base Camp Trek temperatures may go down to -20°C to -30°C. The hills and mountains are covered in snow and will offer amazing views.

Winter in the Himalayas

The best winter treks in the Himalayas include Annapurna Panorama Views Trek, Everest Panorama Views Trek and the Tamang Heritage Trail Trek. If the cold does not bother you much, you are a snowbound traveller and want to avoid crowds then, you can prepare yourself for treks at higher altitudes like Everest Base Camp Trek and Annapurna Base Camp Trek. However, do not plan for extreme winter and inquire enough about the routes beforehand as the trek routes may be inaccessible due to excess snowfall.

Tamu Losar, Maghesankrati and Pokhara Street Festivals are celebrated during the months of winter in Nepal.

Spring Trekking in Nepal

Be prepared for crowds while trekking in Nepal during Spring as it is also the best time of year to trek in Nepal. Spring lies in the month of March-May. Spring is considered the best season for mountaineering and expedition. So, many adventurers head on towards Yala Peak, Chulu Peak and other famous peak climbing destinations.

The temperature during the Spring season is moreover identical to the autumn season, so it is also one of the best seasons to trek in Nepal. The average temperature is around 22°C and the weather may bring in some light rainfalls during Spring. March, April and May are the best time to trek in Nepal and treks such as Mardi Himal, Everest Base Camp and Annapurna Circuit offer mesmerizing views, perfect weather and amazing trekking experiences.

Festivals such as Ghode Jatra, Holi and Buddha Jayanti also fall in March, April and May. However, if you head on the Everest Region trek Dumji festival awaits you in May month. Also, you can enjoy the dances of monks of the Tiji Festival in the Upper Mustang if you want to. However, whatever the seasons, you should plan and prepare yourself with the right trekking gear and clothes accordingly. You should ensure you have researched and collected all the information about the destination and go with an operator or hire a guide for safety if possible.

The last thing you should know is that there is no best season for trekking in Nepal. Every season and time has its own perks. Autumn and Spring may be considered the best season to trek in Nepal but that doesn’t mean Summer and Winter won’t provide you with amazing views and experiences. Trekking in Nepal is all about having different experiences and different weather and seasons bring different adventures.

Nepal has a lot to offer and we hope you have a wonderful time.