CoronaVirus and siutation in Nepal

CoronaVirus Update as of March 15th, 2020

The current outbreak of CoronaVirus has widely affected the world. Organizations, industries and nations are struggling to overcome the situation and its effects around all aspects. Due to this unfortunate situation, conditions are certainly not normal even in a small country like in Nepal. Borders are closed, organizations are struggling to survive and millions have been put in a lock down. Countries like China, Italy and Iran are among ones with most cases and the virus is rapidly spreading to countries like the USA which now has reported cases in all of its 50 states

The Outbreak and Situation in Nepal

The virus has spread to more than 165 countries with deaths rising to 8,794 as of 19th March. Many people think Nepal as a potential area for CoronaVirus due to its border with China. But, it has not been so as Nepal had one case of the CoronaVirus which is said to be recovered. However, the potential of CoronaVirus has been said to be more than what it seems now and Nepal’s weak health infrastructure may not suffice as the situation is worse. The situation can be more problematic as the end of the virus can not be determined yet.  

Nepal Government’s Response

On 14th March, the Nepal Government decided to temporarily stop issuing on-arrival tourist visas to all countries till 30th April, 2020 and also postponed the Nepal Tourism Year from 2020 to 2022. Government has also implemented various rules to prevent the transmission of viruses like asking to stop all gatherings and events. The borders are closed except for transporting some goods. All schools and colleges are closed and the examinations are postponed until further notice.

The flights from most parts of the world are cancelled. Government has also put a ban on entry if all passengers from March 20. Read More:

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What can we do now?

The travel industry of Nepal like other industries is also heavily affected by the CoronaVirus outbreak. Most of the agencies will not be able to provide you the services. However, if you wish to postpone your travel plans then late 2020 like September/October or 2021 season would be more appropriate to visit Nepal as of now. The situation may vary and we will see what we can do. On our side, we will try our best to prevent the virus from spreading and bounce back as fast as possible from this pandemic. We look forward to getting back on track and serving you.

We advise and encourage you to implement preventive measures, help the virus from spreading and support people and government through this tough time. Staying home is the best way to stay safe.

Stay safe! Care for yourself and your loved ones. 

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