Everest Base Camp Trek in Autumn

Everest Base Camp Trek Route

Trekking to Everest Base Camp in Autumn, an ideal season for trek is what most want. No wonder, we wish to enjoy the trip with beautiful scenery and perfect weather. The Everest Region is quite popular across the world, many trekkers wish to visit this region at this convenient season of Autumn while spring and autumn being the most feasible season.

During the autumn season, the weather is pleasant and trekkers are not much bothered by the cold in the mountainous Everest Region. The season is best known for the crystal clear view of the snow-capped mountains and it reliefs the trekkers from the scorching summer heat and rainfalls. 

Generally speaking, Everest Region trekking is not easy, but choosing the right time can make it more difficult or easy. If your goal is to enjoy the trekking to its full extent then there is no better time than the Autumn. Everest Base Camp Trek is about landscapes, scenery and Everest, and that’s all most about it. As the month of the Autumn season starts, trekking just feels right. This is why 32% of the trekkers head on to the Everest Region during this period. The trails are usually crowded so it’s reasonable to act accordingly. 

Things to know for Everest Base Camp Trek in Autumn

By now, you might have read and heard that Everest Base Camp Trek in Autumn is the ideal choice and we’ll discuss why in this section. These are the things you are looking forward to, if you are planning to trek to EBC in Autumn.

Landscapes, nature and the mountain views

The altitude of the Everest Base camp is 5,364 meters, so you need to understand that you will need to cope with nature. The oxygen level at these kinds of atmospheres is low. As the monsoon season ends, the views are much clearer if you are planning to trek to Everest Base Camp Trek in Autumn. You can see the majestic mountains such as Everest, Lhotse, Ama Dablam, Cho Oyu, and many others without any obstructions. The trekking trails in the mountains are dry, and will be easier to walk upon. You will be able to see some flowers until the month of October and some birdlife now and then when they are on their way to the south.

Day and Temperatures

Most of the days are pleasant, and the temperature ranges from 20 degrees during the day and might fall up to 5 degrees during the night. But, the altitudes make a difference in the temperatures. As you reach higher altitudes, the temperature might even drop below zero degree celsius. So, having layered clothing is good. Even though the month of September may invite some rainfall but October is mostly dry. 

Everest View Trek

Guides and Porter

Trekkers love the autumn season, so you can imagine how the situation will turn out to be. Hiring a well-trained guide is a must for safety and precautions. Getting lost in the mountains is still a nightmare for many. In order to avoid such, a guide/porter is needed. Guides also come in handy, as they will take full care of you and also if you encounter altitude sickness. A well-trained guide can also predict the weather condition and give suggestions accordingly.

It is a tough walk and walking 6-7 hours a day is a strenuous activity. And, on top of that carrying a heavy bag would be tough. So, hiring a porter will help minimize your burden, and also you will be less tired at the end of the day. 

Advanced Booking

Autumn and the spring are the two ideal times for trekking to Everest Base Camp. Which means the routes will be crowded. Though the infrastructures and facilities are quite developed in recent years, it will still be difficult to find places to stay if you have not booked earlier. If you book through a trekking agency, then they will take care of everything from the hotels to the flight tickets. But if you wish to do it on your own then you will need to do some homework and you should book all the hotels and plan accordingly. 

Festivals and cultural things during Autumn

The Mani Rimdu festival falls under the month of October. The festival lasts 19 days where lots of Buddhist rites and rituals are performed. The Lamas and gurus perform dance rituals and various other traditional practices. Villagers from Tengboche, Thame, and Chiwong gather around their monasteries to enjoy and witness the cultural festival. The atmosphere is full of prayer chants, a series of masked dancing, and full of entertainment. 

Do I need to pack anything extra for the Everest Base Camp Trek in Autumn?

Packing for the Everest Base Camp Trek should be optimal, not under packed, or overpacked. Since, if you decide to head on to this trek during the autumn season you might want to act accordingly. The temperature and altitudes are not extreme so the packing list is regular. You should ask the trek operator about the weather before so that you can pack anything extra if required.

You will be walking 5-8 hours a day, so you should prepare how much you can carry. Hiring a guide is also an option if you think you might not be able to. A general packing list for the Autumn is as follows:

  • Shoes 
  • Shorts and Trousers
  • Windproof Jackets
  • Trekking pants
  • Sunglasses, gloves, and hats
  • Water Bottle and Purifier
  • Walking stick
  • EBC Trek Map
  • Medical Kit
  • Hand Sanitizer and Toiletries
  • Sleeping bag

Check the complete Everest base camp packing list: Packing list

The autumn season is an ideal time to trek which means the weather is not so challenging. You need to pack things which are suitable for you. However, things may not always be in your favor so, be prepared. 

Everest Base Camp Trek Temperature Averages in Autumn

PlaceAverage Maximum TemperatureAverage Minimum Temperature
Namche Bazaar13°C8°C
Everest Base Camp12°C-7°C
Kala Patthar14°C-10°C

With this table, you will have a good idea of the temperature along the Everest Base Camp Trek route.

Everest Base Camp Trek in Autumn is favored by many as trek towards the world’s highest mountain in this ideal season. Trekking to EBC in Autumn will reward you with amazing scenery, mountain views, refreshing walks and an unmatchable Everest experience.

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