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The months from March to May is the time when spring starts in Nepal. Everest Base Camp Trek during the spring season is loved by most of the trekkers. Let’s call it the 2nd best season to travel to the base camp. It is estimated that 25% of the trekkers embark on the trekking journey during this season.

These months tend to provide clear skies, beautiful mountain views, less rain, and snowfall making its peak season for trekking. The weather is warm and makes the trek more enjoyable. The season brings in the blooming of rhododendron, which adds decoration to the views.

Helpful information for the Everest Base Camp Trek in Spring Season

Below, I have listed some things which might be useful for you if you plan to head on to this embarking journey during Spring Season.

Landscapes and Nature

After a long duration of winter, the spring season, the snow finally starts melting and gives an eye-pleasing view. The rhododendron finally starts to bloom at the lower altitude making the sight refreshing. Because of the spring, the migrated wildlife finally returns making the atmosphere lively yet peaceful. And the cold breeze makes the trek more encouraging. 

Days and Temperatures

The day time is for 7 hours from the early spring season. The humidity is quite low during the day and the night can be freezing. The weather brings in clearer visibility of the mountains. The temperature during the day is 15°C and might fall under -8°C at night time. The weather pattern might have some minor changes as the monsoon season arrives shortly after this season. Because of perfect weather, the colorful blossom of flowers and vegetation can be seen across the trails. 

Guides and Porter

Having a guide is always recommended if this is your first ever experience of the Everest Region. The weather pattern is unpredictable, so having a guide can be of help if situations go out of control. The other main reason you should hire a guide is because of altitude sickness. A guide will suggest acclimatization realizing your situation. Since, this is a peak season, finding a room can be very hectic, and the guide can manage all sorts of these things for you. On the other hand, a porter can be of help if your backpack weighs a lot giving you less tiring journey.


If you are headed towards Everest on a trip booked through an agency, then the problem of accommodation won’t arise. However, if you only have hired a guide, or have gone alone then you should definitely make all the arrangements beforehand. The peak season invites a lot of tourists and trekkers and almost all the tea houses are filled up so it’s better to pre book the rooms. 

Festivals During Spring

Nepal is a country that has preserved its culture from generation to generation. Buddha Jayanti is one of the festivals people in Khumbu regions celebrate. Monasteries across the Khumbu region are renovated, everything is properly cleaned.  The other festival that might fall under the month of March is the Lhosar. The festival is celebrated with ritual dances, feasts, chanting Buddhist prayers, and many other interesting kinds of stuff. People gather at stupas, monasteries, prepare feasts to celebrate together.

What to pack for Everest Base Camp Trek in Spring?

Proper equipment is necessary for a successful trek so the packing should be done in an effective manner. Bring rainwear and waterproof boots can help you against the snowy paths. And it is necessary to bring good quality jackets that can help you stay warm even in the coldest weather. Some basic packing list is as follows:

  • Hiking Shoes 
  • Shorts and Trousers
  • Windproof Jackets
  • Good artic quality down jackets
  • Trekking pants
  • Sunglasses, gloves, and hats
  • Water Bottle and Purifier
  • Sunscreens, water bottles
  • Walking stick
  • EBC Trek Map
  • Medical Kit
  • Hand Sanitizer and Toiletries
  • Sleeping bag

For the complete guide to packing list: What should you pack for the Everest Base Camp Trek?

Spring is one of the most beautiful seasons to trek so, you should prepare yourself to get the right gears, equipment, clothes to enjoy this trek fully.

Everest Base Camp Trek Temperature Averages in Spring

PlaceAverage Maximum TemperatureAverage Minimum Temperature
Namche Bazaar12.8°C0.6°C
Everest Base Camp5C-0.6°C
Kala Patthar3°C-2°C

These are the average figures of the temperature according to different regions on the Everest Base Camp Trek Route. You got the gist of the temperature which will help you prepare accordingly. 

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Most mountain climbers attempt to reach the summit during this time. So, the trails to Everest Base Camp are crowded during Spring. If you are not okay with crowded trails and want a more peaceful trek then, these blogs will help you:

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  • Everest Base Camp Trek in Monsoon

Travelling is always a soul healing experience and the spring season definitely is one of it’s kind for trekking. If you have any confusion or might have some questions then do inquire us.

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