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Booking FAQ

Do you run and organize regular trips?

Booking FAQ we do run regular trips within the Himalayan Himalaya region on our fixed departure dates to various destinations from trekking, climbing, and tours as well as organizing trips for private groups, like family, school/college groups to corporate people if our departure does not suit some people, as per their holidays for Nepal. Regular trips that we run depends upon the number of people in the group this makes it affordable to interested travellers joining in the group rather than in a smaller group, where we run trips guided by our professional guides and tour escorts, managed by and well looked after by our diligent office staff taking care of all booking in a smooth manner to make every trip of our a winner with well-satisfied clients.

We have a big group of people of varied ages do you handle a large number in one group?

Booking FAQs, Bigger the group more enjoyable and sharing each other knowledge of various subjects that makes the trip more interesting where people get in to know each- other very well. As we have expert and veteran guides and staff to manage big and smaller groups offering same quality services, in past decades since the company began its operation we had larger groups on longer trips as well, with our professional and expertise in tourism fields yes we can handle all big groups, whatever the size we are at your services. Bigger groups are best as prices differ from a smaller number of people in the group, which makes clients much more at ease to afford the holiday in the Himalayas in bigger groups where discounts apply according to the size of the group.

What about accommodations options can I change?

Booking FAQs, As per the trip cost and itineraries with other details includes full information in our included and excluded, we do mention accommodation using the best tourist standard hotels while in Kathmandu-Pokhara Chitwan or at Nepalgunj (for far western destinations) we also provide accommodation on 2-3 star class hotels. Where clients can have the options to upgrade the standard of accommodation from budget to standard or deluxe 4 to 5 stars hotels and resorts, on the normally fixed trip cost we use tourist standard or 2-3 stars hotels.

What are the conditions when some member of the group cancels the trip?

Booking FAQs, All our trips are guaranteed to run as per the season and destinations wise no matter what the group’s size is, even if some clients in the group cancel or get delayed reaching for the trip departures due to own domestic or job vacation problem. In this case, depending upon the trip departure if cancelled earlier will get some refund as per the duration of booking and trip departures dates if it happens in the last hour refund will not be entertained, although the company can make a letter to one insurance company reasons for cancellation and price involved in booking the promised trips with us.

What are the fees to confirm space and booking?

Booking FAQs, As per company rules and policy in order to book a space for respective Himalayan trips, one requires paying in advance a minimum of 25 % of the total trip cost for Nepal holidays only. Bhutan and Tibet needs to send us a minimum of 60 % to confirm you’re booking where rules and regulation in these neighbouring Himalayas countries are different from Nepal.

Is advance payment on booking necessary?

To be on the safe side assuming your confirmation for related trips after receiving minimum advance payment as the deposit for your holiday in Nepal with us, the advance payment will help us to organize your tour and treks well in advance like allocating guides, buses or coach (for treks and tour that involves overland journey) as well booking seats on domestic flights as per the itinerary was chosen.

When do I pay the remaining trip balance?

Booking FAQs, Remaining trip cost balance should be made on arrival in Kathmandu before your trip departures in cash or in Credit Card (where a 3.75 % surcharge is added to the total balance payment). Paying cash should be in convertible currencies like US $, British Sterling Pounds, Euro, Swiss / French Francs, Singapore and Australian $ and Chines Yuan.

What happens if I am not able to do the trek do I get a refund?

Booking FAQs, In this case, where you will not be entertained or get reimbursed from the actual trip cost, it depends upon the cancellation notice and information at the earliest a month back after you booked, where you can get the money after getting deducted some percentage from the company. For last-minute cancellation and no-show situations, where no refund will be made, however, we will adjust the cost for the next trip if interested in postponing holidays in Nepal or any Himalayan countries. Where the company will issue a letter regarding your cancellation so that you can claim from your travel-related insurance.

Will I get my money back, if I am unable to complete this trek?

We have strongly mentioned in our terms and conditions policy that quitting from the current trip due to a medical or personal problem where no refund will be made. Where clients have to bear / her own expenses on the way back to Kathmandu on early return, where the company will serve you with an escort to accompany you back.

What are the right sizes for a group?

Booking FAQs, Minimum of 4-6 or 8-10 pax are the perfect size in a group, this allows you to enjoy with more people joining you on the trip, prices also differ with more people the cost will be at its best.

How early should I get prepared and plan the trip of my choice?

A minimum of 2-3 months ahead will be the best this allows for you to prepare well, and we recommend you some tips for exercise and health care related to the trek chosen, early birds catch the worm as the saying goes where early booking and planning will make you prepare at your best.

Should I need to send and inform the company of my physical/medical certificate and dietary?

Booking FAQs, When you book the trip chose with us where health and sound medical and physical fitness will be good to know, as some Himalayan trails can be strenuous and tough for some days, sending your physical and medical background will be good so that we can advise you the toughness and grade of the treks and other Himalayan journey and follow with your dietary on meals on treks.

Is there an age restriction for adventure around Himalayan trips?

Booking FAQs, Depends upon the area of destinations chosen for long and tough adventurous and challenging treks where age and fitness level requires. Most of the insurance does not allow medical insurance for people of 60 years and above, for other moderate and short holidays and adventures will be okay for all age groups, the as long one is physically fit and in sound health.

Do you suggest trekking and exercise for the trip booked?

To make your trip highly successful where fitness level with healthy medical background and sound will be an advantage for you and us to enjoy trekking, as we highly recommend some physical exercise to maintain your body for an upcoming trek in the Himalaya with us.

Is tipping compulsory?

Tipping is gratitude after you enjoyed the services rendered by our guides and staff to make the trip a success and winner. it is not mandatory but has been a custom and tradition around Himalayan countries. since bygone days after offering good loyal service where tipping or gratitude has been made compulsory and highly expected. As you can contribute as per your budget after achieving enjoyable. excellent times and getting full information of the region from our guides as well porters who are also a part of the family on trekking.

What happens in case of bad and unfavourable weather conditions?

Himalayan weather even in good seasons of Spring-Autumn / fall and winter can lead to the worst weather, which is hard to predict and can be unreliable sometimes. For moderate short treks and tours, it won’t hamper most only for longer duration trips and climbing peaks with trekking that involves high passes to cross and traverse from one area to another.

Sometimes weather plays an important role if flying in and out of mountainous areas like Lukla-Taplejung-Tumlingtar-Dolpa-Jomsom and Rara area as a flight can be obstructed for some-days, in this situation just be positive where the company will make all necessary arrangement within our limit and control.

Where other options like taking a chopper or extending the number of days in the itinerary might occur, in this type of situation bad weather, flight cancellation, and landslides, heavy snow on the tracks and pass or other calamities that happen related to bad weather.

Which currencies are accepted?

In the first place on paying balance payment in cash will be the US $, we also accept major convertible currencies like Euro, Swiss Franc to UK sterling pound, including Australian and Singapore $.

Exchange rates in Nepal for foreign currencies?

Nearly every day selling and buying price of respective major currencies differs, we follow the main Standard Bank of Nepal where the price is at the best than other local money changers (affiliated and certified by major banks of the

Do all guides communicate in the English language?

When it comes to serving and communicating with foreign guests and customers where English is the first chosen language, where all our guides and people attached to the tourism industry can speak and understands English as the main communication when dealing with our valuable guests. We also provide guides for other foreign languages besides English on request; our guides are experts and well versed in taking care of our clients to make the holiday with us enjoyable and memorable.

What maximum weight can a porter carry?

25-30 kg is the maximum weight carried by porters and as per rules of PAC (Porters Association) and tourism government regulations, even though they can carry much more than the actual standard weight allowed. On treks, loads are divided according to the Number of pax and baggage where each porter carries two people’s bigger bags as per the weight limitation.

How much weight is allowed in domestic airlines?
As per rules of respective domestic airlines and international civil aviation weight limitations up to 15 kg per passenger not counting your day-packs or handbags, assuming as 3-5 kg maximum which will be carried by you inside the plane.

Do all hotels in Kathmandu have a safety box and locker facility for storing extra personal belongings not required for the treks or long tours?

All hotels that we provide as per the itinerary and cost-wise do have a safety box and safe lockers for your valuables till you withdraw after your tour and treks. Store available to keep your other extra baggage with items not required for the treks or another longer tour, where you will receive a baggage tag so that you can claim on return from the trip.

How are your trips compared to other companies?

We are the renowned and most reputed adventure and the cultural company offering something different to other local companies, where all our trips cost is transparent without cutting any corners in providing excellent services to our guests, which makes our company always active with the repeated flow of same clients with full of trust and leaves home with satisfaction after using our great services. Besides our quality services, the main reason is proper management excellent working knowledge of office and field staff including guides and drivers.

Our guides have much to offer with full knowledge in any wide-subjects to offer you from flora-fauna, history, cultures, and religions of the places on a route with the sense of humour to entertain our customers during your enjoyable holidays with us as well versed with a medical side if required.

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