Ruby Valley – Ganesh Himal Trek - 14 Days

Ruby Valley Ganesh Himal Trekking

“Ruby Valley Ganesh Himal trekking is an adventure towards remote North Mid-West around scenic Ruby valley and Ganesh Himal”

Ruby Valley Ganesh Himal Trek

Ruby Valley Ganesh Himal Trekking is a special and exclusive adventure. Only a few travelers have often ventured this beautiful scenic destination within high massive Ganesh Himal. People are unaware that such stunning and scenic trek like Ruby Valley Ganesh Himal Trekking exists within Nepal. It lies in Far North Mid West Himalayas where you can explore this whole place in the serene wilderness at your own on this undisturbed quiet environment.

Ruby Valley Ganesh Himal Trekking is more of exploration rather than trekking as this is a new and fresh virgin region. Only a few trekkers have ventured these great surroundings located away from human settlements and villages for many days in the complete wilderness. It offers incredible surroundings of green alpine woodland and high peaks of Ganesh Himal.

Trip Highlights

  • An opportunity to explore the best of Far North Mid-West Himalaya of Nepal around the hidden valley.
  • Adventure within the complete wilderness of high mountains around remote areas of Ruby Valley.
  • Exciting walks within Nuwakot and Dhading district hidden beyond Ganesh and Manaslu Himal.
  • On less frequented trails away from mainstream trekking trails on whole trekking days.
  • Explore the hidden country of Ruby Valley with an impressive panorama of high mountains.
  • From warm low land to cool alpine woodland towards arid and barren windswept terrain.
  • The exciting drive from with ever-present views of Himalayan peaks around Nepal Mid-West.

Trip Itinerary

Day 01: On arrival at Kathmandu airport 1,340 m meet our staff and transfer to the hotel.
Day 02: At Kathmandu with options for a tour with time for trek preparations.
Day 03: Drive to Bhalche or Thulogaon 1,845 m via Trisuli and Bhetrawati towns – 06 hrs.
Day 04: Trek to Rupchet 2,860 m-06 hrs.
Day 05: Trek and cross Singla pass 4,047 m and camp at the bottom 3,240m – 05 hrs.
Day 06: Trek to Shertung 1,925 m or Chalis-Gaon 1,672 m – 05 hrs.
Day 07: Trek to Nebar 2,022 m via Tatopani (hot-spring) – 05 hrs.
Day 08: Trek to Lapa-Gaon 1,830 m via Timaldanda and Lipchitz – 05 hrs.
Day 09: Trek to Ri-Gaon 1,565 m via Bramachet Danda (ridge) – 06 hrs.
Day 10: Trek to Phulkharka 1,215 m – 06 hrs.
Day 11: Trek over Jyamrung-Danda overnight camp at Chap Bhanjyang 1,550 m – 06 hrs
Day 12: Trek to Dhading Besi 950 m via Gola and Murli Bhanjyang – 05 hrs walk.
Day 13: Drive back to Kathmandu and transfer to the hotel with a free afternoon.
Day 14: International departure for homeward bound.

At Heaven Nepal Adventure, we provide the finest services to our clients from standard lodging to dining. Also, we have a great team of experienced guides and porters. Similarly, we operate numerous trips across Nepal that reflect the beauty of the country.

The Ruby Valley Ganesh Himal Trekking adventure begins with the drive from Kathmandu to reach at Nuwakot district within the warmer farm areas. The walk leads slowly gaining heights and far from farm villages into an isolated region close to Ganesh Himal with super stunning views. Finally, our route leads to cross a high ridge and a pass over Singla pass 4,047 m. Singla Pass offers a sweeping panorama of close Ganesh-Langtang Himal with Manaslu and as far towards Annapurna in the west direction.

After enjoying time in a complete pristine wilderness of Ruby Valley and Ganesh Himal Trekking, the walk leads towards farm villages around Dhading district areas. We trek back within mid-hills to reach at road head for an exciting drive back to Kathmandu after concluding one of the most dramatic and excellent adventures of Ruby Valley and Ganesh Himal Trekking.


Day 1
On arrival at the Kathmandu airport 1,340 m meet our staff and transfer to hotel.

Landing at Kathmandu and Nepal international airport, where our guide or staff receives you for short drive to your respective hotels in the hub of Kathmandu. After checking into your nice rooms with rest after a jet-lag, and then rendezvous with another group member of Ruby Valley and Ganesh Himal Trekking, where our guide/leader will brief you with information regarding the treks, about hotels and lodge with Nepalese culture, do’s and don’ts. Evening enjoys grand welcome dinner in typical Nepalese restaurants with various native cultures as entertainment.

Day 2
At Kathmandu with options for tour with time for trek preparations.

At Kathmandu as a free day where one can join in our interesting sightseeing tour as options, as the capital Kathmandu of Nepal steeped with historical and religious monuments of world heritage sites. Afternoon at leisure and preparation for Ruby Valley and Ganesh Himal trekking, starting next early morning with an exciting overland journey to Nepal Mid-West.

Day 3
Drive to Balche 1,845 m via Trisuli and Bhetrawati town - 06 hrs.

Morning early morning start after hearty breakfast, then getting ready for long and interesting overland journey on Nepal’s North-West highway to reach warmer country around Nuwakot at Trisuli Bazaar, and then continue to drive to the cooler region at Balche a moderate size farm village, at Balche for overnight depending upon the availability of nice lodge or in tents camping on the backyard of farmhouses with time to explore around this interesting village and its market.

Day 4
Trek to Rupchet 2,850 m 5- 06 hrs.

First-day trek starts heading northward facing views of Ganesh Himal and Manaslu mountain range, as walk takes towards cooler alpine hills past small farm areas of Gumbu and Shikari Danda ridges, and then past some farm villages within the summer grazing area to reach our overnight camp at Rupchet, surrounded within lovely rhododendron-oaks and pine trees.

Day 5
Trek and cross Sing-la Pass 4,047 m and camp at the bottom 3,240m - 05 hrs.

Morning leads due north after few hours of pleasant and gradual ups than with steep climb for few hours to reach on top Sing-la pass with a super panorama of rolling hills and valley with high snowcapped peaks of Ganesh Himal range includes views of Manaslu with Langtang Himal towards on the north east. After wonderful views downhill walk to reach at the base of Sing-la pass at 3,240 m for overnight camp.

Day 6
Trek to Shertung 1,925 m or Chalis-Gaon 1,672 m - 05 hrs.

From this remote and isolated camp, where interesting walk leads to reach Shertung and Chalis gaon (meaning 40 smaller villages), facing grand views of massive Ganesh Himal as walk leads north around lovely forest areas with temporary shelters of cattle herders, where a walk leads to short up and then on the downhill to reach Shertung, time permitting walk downhill for few hours to a nice village at Chalis Gaon a Tamang tribal village of Tibetan origin with Buddhist religion and culture.

Day 7
Trek to Nebar 2,022 m via Tatopani (hot-spring) - 05 hrs.

Starting with morning short climb to reach above Tikkas Danda, a ridge with fantastic views of Ganesh Himal and Manaslu range, and then downhill with to reach a place with natural hot-spring called Tatopani, a refreshing break with hot bathe to ease muscles of many days of
trekking with ups and downhill. After a refreshing stop at Tatopani, walk leads north to Nebar a small farm settlement in the middle of no-where in a complete wilderness within the serene lovely forest with views of mountains.

Day 8
Trek to Lapa-Gaon 1,830 m via Timal-Danda and Lapchet - 05 hrs.

After a pleasant morning within a pristine environment where our route heads south-west to crossover Tamil-Danda and to Kapur small farm village with marvelous views of mountains and slowly arriving at Lapchet, from here a few hours walk to reach at Lapa-Gaon for an overnight stop with camping on farm fields.

Day 9
Trek to Ri-Gaon 1,550 m via Bramachet Danda (ridge) - 06 hrs.

Today walk enters within the scenic and beautiful Ruby valley as walk follows past Kachet and Kitchen to reach Rupchet, a small farm village and walking into lovely woodland with views of Manaslu and Ganesh Himal range of peaks, a nice walk leads you at Ri-Gaon for an overnight stop, camping on a schoolyard or on the farm terraces.

Day 10
Trek to Phulkharka 1,210 m - 06 hrs.

From here heading south around Dhading district areas towards warmer region as the walk drops altitude every hour passing many scattered farm villages of Kutawa-Arukhet-Bandhan-Cheering to reach a nice village at Gumdi. From Gumdi a short uphill to Dhangarchol at 1,403 m high with fabulous views of snow-clad peaks and then descend to Phulkharka after a small place of Tinkune. On reaching Phulkhraka with overnight camp, offering wonderful views of the nice surrounding of hills and valley with a scenery of distant mountain range.

Day 11
Trek over Jyamrung-Danda overnight camp at Chap Bhanjyang 1,550 m - 06 hrs.

Today an interesting walk as the path leads further down south to much warmer areas of rice terraces and paddy fields, walking towards the Dancing village and then to Su Bhanjyang heading south to Ekle and then reaching a large well-maintained village of Hatiyakot. From here walk to Chissapani with downhill to Ankhu Khola (stream) and climb over Jyamrung Danda ridge with short descend to reach our overnight camp at Chap Bhanjyang.

Day 12
Trek to Dhading Besi 950 m via Gola and Murli Bhanjyang - 05 hrs walks.

After a wonderful overnight stop at Chap Bhanjyang with grand views of mountain and rolling green hills, our last day walk leads to more warmer areas where vegetation changes from alpine to semi-tropical, as our route leads towards scattered farm villages of Gola and Murli
Bhanjyang area to reach a large town of Dhading Besi for last overnight, located with grand views of Ganesh Himal.

Day 13
Drive back to Kathmandu 1,310 m - 05 hrs.

Morning drive leads to Trisuli River near Maleku town, after crossing a bridge with few hours’ drives back to Kathmandu, as the drive leads past many towns and villages with last climb to Naag Dhunga to enter Kathmandu valley and city area. On reaching Kathmandu back into your hotel with the afternoon free for shopping and individual activities.

Day 14
International departure for homeward bound.

Your last day in this amazing country Nepal full of adventure and various rich cultures, after a the wonderful time around Ruby Valley & Sing-la Hill trekking with excellent guidance of Leaf Holiday Travel, as per your flight time our staff transfer you to Kathmandu international airport for final departure to your home countries or to other respective destination.

(Frequently Asked Questions or Queries):

Is it worth Ruby Valley and Ganesh Himal trekking?

It all depends upon one interest; this is one of the few exclusive treks in Nepal Himalaya still a virgin and least ventured areas, where you will have excellent times along with super views in a peaceful and undisturbed environment. A moderate walk where eager people with time in Nepal can join in this marvelous walks on this new and fresh area within best Nepal North Mid-West Himalaya areas.

How tough is the walk on this Trek?

Depending upon how you take it, you must be aware that Nepal and all Himalayan countries a hilly and mountainous area, where much of the walk leads to ups and down with some gradual winding trail to cope. However, on this trek which is similar to other Himalayan walks,
the only long and steep climb is going up the pass, and then with the long stretch of downhill,
the walk is not that tough and hard as it looks.

What are the religion and cultures that we can witness?

Around low areas of Nepal Mid West a mixture of Buddhist with more Hindu people of
Brahmin-Chettries-Dalits and Magar tribes, as walk leads higher region of Ruby Valley
dominated by Tamang people of Tibetan origin with same Buddhist culture and religion.
On this trek around higher Ruby Valley and Ganesh Himal, where you can witness fascinating
culture and tradition farm life of hill people around villages of great interest.

How many people will be in the group?

From a minimum 6-8 person in the group with a maximum of 10-15 persons in the group, in some cases we do allow booking for a single person as well, running independently at extra cost than in groups.

How is the weather on Ruby Valley and Ganesh Himal trekking?

As per the season wise, where the best time is from March to May when most of the day is clear with minimum temperatures of 0° to 20° Celsius depending upon the altitude and areas. Where most of the morning till mid-days clears for views and walks, sometimes afternoon can get overcast with chances of light rains and snow. March to May will be lively with wild-flowers in full bloom especially various species of rhododendron (national flower of Nepal) from trees too short bushes.

How are camping facilities on Treks?

As this is a remote and off the beaten trails away from main trekking trails, where Tea-House and Lodge is almost nil, where camping facilities required we will provide excellent camping with the different unit of the kitchen includes cook-kitchen staff, guides, and porters to carry all the food and camping equipment as well your bigger bags.

Are there electricity and network for cell-phones?

Most of the places do have electricity on this trekking where camping involves with no hydropower only before and after the end of the trek around main where electric supply is available with some private lodge owners with sun / solar power to activate electric just for the lodge and as well for customers to charge their computers and cell-phones.
At present nearly all people in Nepal including remote villages do have the assist to cell-phones with fine network connection only in bad weather, the line can be broken, otherwise, it is fine in working order.

What happens if some is sick and have to break the trek?

In this situation where our guides are well equipped with knowledge for emergency and medical purpose, depending upon the seriousness of the victims if it is much critical where nearest medical attention needed, we call for immediate evacuation for Helicopter services to
reach the victims to nearest medical station and hospital. For light AMS (Acute Mountain Sickness), resting and drinking enough fluid leaving an extra guide to take care of sick clients till he/she recovers on route treks or help them to descend to safer areas and taking an advance flight back to Kathmandu.

How are foods and hygiene during treks and lodges on route?

Meals are prepared according to your choice of menu items, all foods are carefully prepared
with much hygiene concern, avoiding from complaints and reputation of the lodges, as they
have been serving for more than two decades to worldwide travelers.

I came to know that some people could get sick while on treks why?

Well hearing rumors and seeing for your own self is a different picture, to be honest, some people are not used to Asian and spicy foods, that’s why people could get sick with a change of diets as well.
To be on the healthy side before and after the treks is to get advice from your guides what will be the best food to consume while on treks, we strongly suggest staying away from meats items in the first place, as it is not hygienic could be the stale meat of a week time or more. If you go with a vegetarian for sometimes will be the best options to stay healthy till you get immune to the local environment and culture.

What types of medication should I bring from home for the trek?

In our list, we always mention general medication to bring from home as well from your doctor advice also, your doctor might recommend you some basic medication list like medicine against diarrhea, headache, fever, cold-flu as well constipation including first aid for cuts-wounds and burns as well. In every trip of ours, we carry comprehensive medical kits which will be carried by our trekking staff, guides or group leader for common use if required as for your own personal illness, where your doctors might have recommended some medicine to carry with you.

What are the major factors and precaution one should take care on treks?

Always abide by the rules of the company and guides/leader, most of the main sickness is stomach disorder due to a change in foods and culture shocks. If people have traveled in Asia countries and know the food well will be not a problem.
Other factors might lead to altitude sickness known as AMS (Acute Mountain Sickness) which can happen to many people if they are not careful by walking fast in higher elevation and might catch the symptoms of AMS.
We have designed the itinerary days where people can acclimatize well with rest days in a couple of high places before reaching much higher to our goal and highlights. Some people might take Diamox pills, which is often used as high altitude pills, should consult the doctors before taking the right dose, which helps to regulate the flow of blood systems from getting clots in high altitude. Where drinking plenty of fluids, water-juice and rehydration drink including black warm tea also help and taking much rest after getting tired.

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Ruby Valley – Ganesh Himal Trek

Trip Facts

  • Private Vehicle/local Bus
  • Moderate to Adventurous
  • 4,047 m
  • 4+
  • Sep- Dec, Mar-May
  • 13 Night/14 Days (Kathmandu to Kathmandu)
  • On Hotel and lodges on walks

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