All clients are requested to go through our Terms and Conditions. Abiding and respecting our norms and conditions as follows will help to make your trip enjoyable and safe. Our Terms and Conditions are simple and understandable. Most of the policies are formed with respect to governments norms.

Travel and Medical Insurance

When booking any trip, make sure that you have purchased good travel and medical insurance policy through your home insurance companies. We strongly suggest that one should buy travel and medical insurance when traveling around Third World countries and Himalayan regions for sudden severe cases of medical complication, where you might need to get evacuate by any means of immediate transportation like using Helicopter Services.

For Travel Insurance, when the trip might get delayed and canceled or rerouted or other similar cases arise due to unavoidable circumstances like bad weather, political riots, road-blocks, landslides or other natural calamities, you can claim from your insurance in such cases.

Last Hour Booking

We do accept last hour booking in some cases as per the situation before eve of trip departure. 100% payment should be made at least a week prior to trek or tour departure date for trips and tours within Nepal. For trips in Bhutan and Tibet, interested people need to book a minimum of two weeks ahead of trip departure dates with full payment in advance.

Trips Cancellation Policy

After making a booking, some people might be compelled to cancel the trip due to personal/domestic, medical, a sudden change in health, job or some other circumstances. In this case, 25% cancellation fee will be applied if the clients do not notify us or our overseas agents within a minimum of a month in advance before trip departures of the chosen destinations around Himalaya.

50% Cancellation fee applied on two weeks to a month notice. No refund will be entertained on last-minute or at no-show situations.

In some situations, clients have to return or break from the trip earlier than our itinerary days due to client’s medical/physical or personal reasons. In this case, clients have to bear his/her own expenses and the expenses of the accompanying guides/staffs on the route of trekking and Kathmandu as well.

Please remember that the company does not refund if the trip has to be rerouted to other areas due to unavoidable circumstances or related bad weather conditions. In such situations, we try our best to make your trip hassle-free adventure and one of the most enjoyable trips of your lifetime.

Clients’ Responsibility

A tour/trekking guide representing the company will hold all authorities during treks and tours. If clients are found behaving in a bad manner or with a rude commit or an unlawful act, clients are compelled to leave our tour/treks. There will be no refund in such conditions.

Responsible Tourism / Eco-Friendly Holidays Norms

Nepal and other Himalayan countries that we operate tours and treks to are deeply linked with old age culture, heritage and traditions. Guests should abide by the rules of the respective local culture and lifestyle.

  • On entering temples and monasteries ask your guide if it is appropriate to take photos or wear western dresses.
  • Do not put litter into cooking fire-places and stoves. Leaving your shoes/slippers outside before entering temple and monasteries is advised.
  • Himalaya is a pristine wilderness with green forest and vegetation and we encourage our clients to support the locals in maintaining the environment. In the lodge, taking shower heated with solar or electricity or LPG Gas is recommended rather than from firewood.
  • We request all our guests to properly dispose the litters and garbages. Bringing garbages like plastics and worn out batteries is advised which will help a lot to conserve the pristine area.
  • Do not pollute the river, streams or taps. Use bio-degradable detergents or soaps, avoid getting directly into rivers and streams. Use safe water for drinking purpose and avoid buying plastic bottled water to help reduce waste.

Nepal Visa and Passport

All clients require a valid passport with a minimum of six months validity from the return date. Nepal visas can be obtained from your country Nepalese Consulate or Embassy or on arrival in Kathmandu at Tribhuvan International Airport or at any legal entry point if you are traveling overland to enter Nepal. The cost of a Nepalese Visa is upon the clients.

Booking and Cancellation for Bhutan


Written notice should be provided within minimum of 30 days before trip departure for cancellation. Such notice will be implied from the day the note is received. Cancellation shall be valid after the company approval on receiving the documentation. The trip shall then be termed as cancelled and 50% of the trip amount would be deducted from the advance paid as a cancellation service charge.


There will be no refunds if the client cancels the trip or leaves a trip for any reason, either voluntarily, involuntarily or if you the client commits any unlawful act after the trip has commenced. We will make no refunds for any meals, accommodation or services not used in such cases.

 Booking and Cancellation for Tibet

01: As per the company rules, there will be no refund to the clients who provide notice less than 20 days prior to the trip departure. If a client leaves the trip earlier due to personal or medical reasons voluntarily or involuntarily or unlawful act after the trip has commenced, the company is compelled to make no refunds for any meals, accommodation or services not used.

02: If the client requires any changes from the chosen original tour, the person who has booked the tour must submit a written document with any changes required. We will then make every effort after the notification, but the changes cannot be guaranteed.

03: If you are compelled to cancel from travelling on the tour by genuine reasons or circumstances. For example (without restriction) due to death, injury or any serious illness of the person, redundancy or jury service. In these cases, one may postpone or transfer your booking to another close person, as long or provided they meet all the requirements relating to that trip. You are requested to provide proof of why you were unable to travel at the time and need to change your booking.

Health and Fitness

All Treks and Tours require sound health and a good level of fitness. Before booking with us, the client should visit a Doctor or Physician regarding your health and fitness before the trip departures.

It is a client’s responsibility to inform Heaven Nepal Adventure of any pre-existing medical condition or disability that might reasonably be expected to increase the risk of your required medical attention. This may affect your capability to travel on the trips booked with us.

Childrens and Elderly People

An authorized guardian or the parents must accompany all travellers under the age of sixteen. If you have any queries regarding age and suitability, please contact us for further information.

For Elderly people, we take a maximum of 60 years of age, and in good sound health. Travel and medical insurance policies are difficult to buy for elderly people or people of more than 60 years of age and children below 5 years old.

Regarding these conditions please consult with your home insurance companies before booking and departure for Nepal and other Himalayan countries.


We might use pictures, snaps or images of you taken during the treks or tour without informing you or without compensation. The company can use the photos of your trip for promotion and advertising purposes through different media by the company.

Changes in Himalayan Holidays and Cost

Travelling in Nepal requires understanding, flexibility as well positive attitude. Sometimes, the modes of transportation, accommodation and itineraries may change even after tour and trek have commenced. Be informed that the trek duration, transport or other related areas may change without prior notice due to local circumstances such as flight delays, cancellation or postponement, roadblock due to riots, political crises.


Nepal and most Himalayan regions have four main seasons

(1) Spring :March- May

(2) Summer: June to August,

(3) Autumn: September-November,

(4) Winter: December-February.

Nepal can be visited the whole year-round. Mid-June to mid-September months fall in monsoon wet seasons. In these seasons, most of the trek will be affected with heavy rains.

Even in good seasons, Himalayan weather can be unpredictable with other circumstances such as landslides, road blockage, flood, snow, political unrest, delay arrival, etc.

In these cases, the company will be unable to refund any payment under the above circumstances due to prior supplier arrangements. If possible, we will always endeavor to provide you with an alternative or substitute trip of the same category.

Trip Cost and Extra Charges

Our tour/trek packages are based on twin share accommodation. Thus, a single room supplement charge will be imposed on clients who do not have another tour participant to share accommodation with.

We reserve the right to revise pricing rates posted in our marketing material, under any circumstances, or on the pressure of various external factors that are further than our control, for instance, changes in the exchange rate, government action, etc.

Risks and Liabilities

Heaven Nepal Adventure is fully committed to providing the best services for you to enjoy the holiday of a lifetime experience and journey with us. Our staffs and guides perform duties honestly to make your time in Himalaya us smooth & pleasant. However, the entire program is conducted strictly under the rules and regulation of the respective country’s own policies.

Therefore, Heaven Nepal Adventure and our related agents shall not be responsible for any changes in the itinerary due to unavoidable circumstances such as government restriction, landslide, road blockage, flood, snow, political ins, cancellation of flight, delay, sickness or accident. Any extra cost incurring in such circumstances shall be borne by the clients on the spots of requirement.