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Adventure Sports In Nepal

Nepal is packed with cultural and natural goodness with extreme regard to preserving such tranquillity. The diverse array of geography in Nepal allows for various thrilling activities including trekking and mountaineering. However, Nepal is not limited to trips along the Himalayan foothills but features an amazing amount of adventure sports. It is because of Nepal’s eccentric consistency of land and topography, that the difference in geography creates ample opportunities to work activities consisting of adventure and thrill. Adventure sports in Nepal is an emerging concept, attracting even more tourists per year solely because of the thrill they offer.

Adventure sports or extreme sports in Nepal often involve extreme speed, height, physical exertion, and certain risk factors as well. Some of the most amazing and adrenaline-pumping activities include white river rafting, bungee jumping and swinging, zip-lining, paragliding, mountain biking, jungle safari, canyoning, and even sky diving. These adventure sports are perfectly suitable to answer your need for thrill and excitement. Moreover, most of these sports can even be done in a short duration of time. You can either indulge in these activities to spend your entire vacation or try a few at the end of trips like trekking and hiking.