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Hiking in Nepal is a short walk with recreational purposes. While these are somewhat similar to trekking, they are not as hard and are usually carried out on well-made trails. Amongst all the adventurous activities, hiking is considered one of the best natural exercises that don’t require any equipment. Nepal is considered one of the finest destinations for this purpose. The country is blessed with diverse topography including tall hills, green lush valleys, and white water Rivers along with remarkable cultural variance. This makes it a paradise for adventure enthusiasts and hikers alike.

Overall, hiking in Nepal is one of the most famous adventure activities. Hikes allow you to enjoy the natural beauty of the country while also offering a taste of local culture. Hikes are easier and do not require massive physical effort. Moreover, travellers can either indulge in hikes on their stay in Nepal or customize the itinerary to spend a couple of spare days after lengthy trips. Hikes can also be done throughout the year; however, monsoon (June-August) does pose some challenges.

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