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Everest Base Camp Trek Weather

Posted On:Saturday, May 21, 2022
Everest Base Camp Trek Weather

Everest Base Camp Trek Weather in this EBC trekking blog, we’ll talk about Everest Base Camp weather with changes in seasons. Technically speaking, the beauty of the Everest Base camp doesn’t get hindered by the season. It’s good to trek in all of the season, however, some merits and demerits come along the way. I have divided the Everest base camp weather into four categories (according to the four seasons).

The enjoyable yet hard mountain paths, difficult steep hill climbs, amazing landscapes and views all add up to the worth of embracing the journey to Everest. It takes little to less mountaineering experience to complete the trek, but some training such as aerobics, stamina and immunity-boosting before the trek is highly recommended.

Everest Base Camp Weather in Spring

  • Temperature: 15°-20° degrees (Day) & 1 degrees (Morning & Night)
  • Wind Speed: Average 12 Km/hour
  • Precipitation: 10mm

Spring is the best time for EBC Trek. In Nepal, the spring season is in the months of March, April and May. After numerous months of sheer cold winds and frozen lakes, the flowers finally begin to bloom, and nature finally starts a new life.

The teahouses finally get open after a huge amount of snowfall and blizzards. The weather is moderate and you will be able to fully enjoy nature’s fresh air and sceneries. The sky is generally clear with some cloudy days which makes it easier to get across terrains and steep mountains.

However, since this time is an ideal time, the trek is busiest during the spring season. Pre Booking your before heading on to this trek is a good idea during these months.

Everest Base Camp Weather in Summer

  • Temperature: 22°-28°degrees (Day) & 4 degrees (Morning & Night)
  • Wind Speed: Average 14 Km/hour
  • Precipitation: 180mm

As the month of spring passes, the summer starts. The monsoon starts in April and can range up to the month of July. The days are warmer and it often rains during the afternoon.

Even though the Everest Base Camp weather is dry during the season, the trails are muddy and slippery so footwear with a fine grip is recommended. Most trekkers avoid trekking to Everest Base Camp in Summer, which means the route will be silent.

You should bring extra pairs of literally everything including innerwear, and outerwear if you wish to go during the rainy seasons. Sometimes, you should be able to handle the leeches and wet trails and be extra careful.

This may not be the best time to do this trek, because of the rain, and most days will be misty and cloudy. That means you won’t be able to fully enjoy the sparkling snow-white mountains and the views. But that does not stop many travellers to experience Everest Base Camp during these conditions.

Everest Base Camp Weather in Autumn

  • Temperature: 17°-20°degrees (Day) & -8 degrees (Morning & Night)
  • Wind Speed: Average 21 Km/hour
  • Precipitation: 2.5 mm

The driest of all seasons is Autumn. It is also considered the best trekking season according to many trek lovers. The time during the months of September, November and December. As the monsoon departs, so will the clouds, which results in clearer skies and stunning views of the mountains.

The winds can sometimes be strong making it much colder to walk along the terrains. As this season is popular among the trekkers, you should expect some busy trails while trekking to EBC in Autumn. Pre Booking hotels and stays are recommended as ever during the Autumn Season.

Everest Base Camp Weather in Winter

  • Temperature: 5 degrees (Day) & -15 degrees (Morning & Night)
  • Wind Speed: Average 5 Km/hour
  • Precipitation: 7 mm

If you are planning for Mount Everest Base Camp Trek in Winter season is normally cold, and you can expect how cold it could get in the mountains. The winter season starts in December and lasts until the end of February. Most trekkers don’t prefer trekking during the colder season, but some are happy with snow and silent trails.



Trekking to Everest Base Camp

The days are short while the nights are longer which means you will mostly be in a freezing environment. It makes your time-limited for the trek. I recommend you to go on the trek with major safety precautions and care. The weather is harsh and can get worse at night time. Getting a highly experienced guide is a must while you fight against the intense weather.

During the winter season, the trekkers can grab pretty much fair deals and discounts on their packages.


So, if you are ready to plan or will ever plan a trip to the Everest Base Camp Trek Weather you definitely would want to know about the Everest Base Camp Trek weather and we hope this blog might have helped you with that. The major factor that most people are worried about is the Everest Base Camp temperature. The average temperature in the Everest Region is 17 degrees during the day and might go down below -15 degrees during the morning and the night. Know all about the trek with our EBC Trek Guide.

Need help preparing for the Everest Base Camp Trek? Inquire us, we have been organizing EBC Trek for more than 15 years now and we will help you plan a perfect one for you.