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Everest Base Camp Trek Clothes to pack for the trek?

Posted On:Monday, May 23, 2022
Everest Base Camp Trek Clothes

Everest Base Camp Trek Clothes to pack for the trek?

Everest Base Camp Trek Clothes To Pack For The Trek, if you are willing to trek the Mount Everest base camp, then you must have questions about clothes. People misunderstand that it is usually too cold in the Everest Region, but that’s not totally true. The average temperature throughout the year is between 11 degrees and -8 degrees. But the changes in temperature are dramatic on days and nights. The other thing that may be bothering me is the strong wind. Undoubtedly, there are things you should consider packing for Everest Base Camp Trek.

The best time to trek is in the spring and autumn seasons. But, packing matters as much as seasons and you should be careful about Everest Base Camp Packing List. This blog is a guide for Everest Base Camp Trek Clothes or What clothes to pack for the EBC Trek?

When packing clothes for the Everest Base Camp Trek consider these along with the weather. Rain and snow are common if you are planning to trek to EBC in summer and winter.


Layering is basically a key thing when it comes to clothing for the trek. Trekking involves lots of sweating so the layering should be in such a way that it lets the moisture pass through the layers and not trap it in. You should wear something that keeps you dry and also make you feel comfortable walking strenuous paths. The clothes should be arranged in three layerings (base layer, middle, and outer layer).

Base Layer

The base layer is in direct contact with your skin, so the layer must be of a material that doesn’t absorb the wetness. Below are the base layers you need to pack.

Hiking Shirt

The t-shirt should not be of cotton, as cotton tends to absorb sweat a lot. The material should have wicking which will let the moisture away from the cloth. Consider packing 4 or 5 of these breathable t-shirts.


The leggings should lose fit and be comfortable for you. Merino wool is highly recommended and favoured by most trekkers. Bringing 2 or 3 may be enough for the trek.


Trekking can last 4 or 7 hours a day. And sweating is common for the trek so, packing good quality breathable underwear is necessary. Taking 2 or 3 of these is recommended for the EBC trek.

Woollen socks

Happy feet are necessary for the trek. So, to properly care for your feet, good pairs of socks are necessary. The socks that dry quickly, are comfortable to wear and protect your feet from blisters.

Middle layer

Also called the insulating layer, the layer keeps your body heat from retaining.

Fleece clothes for the torso and legs

For the middle layer, fleece or middle fleece clothes are the best. They are lightweight and comfortable to wear. It also provides some warmth and is breathable. A good brand named The North Face is loved by most trekkers.

Outer Layer

The outer layer cloth must be wind and waterproof as the weather is unpredictable in the Everest Region.

Rain Jackets

Wind and waterproof jackets are a must for the trek. The layer is needed when you reach higher altitudes where the weather changes time and again. To beat the cold and the wind, you need to have good quality jackets. You should not compromise the quality in terms of price and get good ones.

Waterproof trekking pants

Fast-drying hiking pants can be beneficial for the trek. The warmer pants are also available if you trek on the offseason. But one thing is comfort, so you should wisely select the pants for the trek.

Head Wear

Protecting your head and keeping it warm is also necessary. For the headwear the following things are necessary.


Sun can be harsh during trekking, so for minimum exposure to the sun, bring in a hat or two. You should bring a nice comfortable and lightweight trekking hat.


Beanie is for the cold nights, as it will easily cover up your ears and head, and you will have an easy time against the wind and the cold.

Neck Gaiter or Scarfs

It is an easy piece of clothing, which can be used for covering up your neck, mouth, and also nose. It will help you against the freezing wind which is a hurdle while trekking.


It is one of the most important things for making Everest Base Camp Trek easier and more enjoyable. Having a good pair of footwear makes walks less strenuous and more enjoyable.

Hiking Boots

Your shoes define you. Getting a nice comfortable fit boot is a must-have for trekking. A good quality boot that fits you is a wise choice. As for the snowy paths, getting waterproof ones will help you keep your socks dry which is an important factor.


At night, you might want some slippers for yourself in the teahouses. So, do bring a pair of slippers for the trek.


Gaiters are for the legs. It is a waterproof material cloth that will help prevent water, rocks, and mud from getting into your boots. Consider the season before packing and preparing for Everest Base Camp Trek. You might want to pack more clothes in winter than you would in spring. If you have any questions about the EBC trek, then do leave a message down below. We’d be more than happy to help you know more about the trek.