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Things to do during Everest Base Camp Trek

Posted On:Saturday, May 21, 2022
Things to do during Everest Base Camp (EBC) Trek

Everest Base Camp Trek has been one of the greatest treks in the world for more than six decades now. The trek style and the things people do during the trek have certainly evolved. While there are many things that you can do on the EBC Trek, this blog enlists some of the things. Let’s start the list.

Enjoy scenic views on your Lukla flight.

The flight to Lukla offers nice views of the mountains in the North. If you wish to witness this, you should take a seat on the left side of the plane on your way to Lukla and on the right while flying back to Kathmandu. You can also see the amazing landscapes apart from the mountains.

Tie blessing scarves and prayer flags on suspension bridges and passes.

A blessing scarf (also known as Khada) tied on the suspension bridges is considered a sign of good luck by the Sherpas. Many travellers do the same, wishing good luck to all explorers, trekkers and mountaineers. You will cross many suspension bridges (depending on your route) during the trek and you can do it if you want.

Also, people tie prayer flags on the top of the passes. You will cross passes like Pheriche, Thukla and Lobuche pass. You can buy the scarves and prayer flags in Kathmandu, Namche Bazar or Lukla.

Experience evening prayer at Tengboche Monastery.

If you are staying in Tengboche during your trek, experience evening prayers at Tengboche Monastery. Tengboche is one of the holiest monasteries in the region. It is best if you can manage to stay for the entire prayer. Travellers who managed to stay had positive feedback and claimed it helped them spiritually. Even if you are not interested in prayers, it is a wonderful monastery and a nice environment to be in.

Do not forget to look out for amazing landscapes, views and possible photos.

The trek lets you explore the magical lands of the Everest region. Throughout your trek, you will see amazing landscapes and majestic mountains. Don’t miss even a single view. Apart from trekking and adventure, the landscapes and views offer a lot for those looking to click amazing photos.


Enjoy mountain views from Kala Patthar.

Kala Patthar is the highest point and also the best viewpoint in the Everest base camp trek. The place offers panoramas of majestic peaks including Mt Everest. This is the ideal spot for viewing Mt Everest and Pumori. Lastly, I cannot help but mention that ‘selfies from the viewpoint amazes travellers’.

Go right around Mani walls at Dingboche.

Mani walls surround the Imja valley. The walls should be on your right while passing by the walls.

Enjoy tea/coffee with mountain views.

What better way can you enjoy your first cup of coffee with Mt Everest in front of you? You will find many cafes and viewpoints for this.

Explore the Sherpa museum at Namche.

Namche hosts a famous museum, the Sherpa museum showcasing cultural, civilization and mountaineering aspects of the Sherpa community in the Himalayas. The views from the museum are also good.

Spin prayer wheels on the route to EBC.

The prayer wheels hold cultural importance in the Everest region and you will find many prayer wheels on the Everest base camp trekking route. It is believed that spinning the wheels circulate spiritual vibes.

Visit the airport at Syangboche.

The airport at Syangboche, unlike Lukla, is not used much. The airstrip is mostly used by people who want to go to Namche.

Explore Namche Bazaar and its Tibetian Market.

Namche Bazaar is an amazing hilltown with interesting people, ever-present views of mountains and several pubs, cafes and restaurants. The place is a nice place to refresh yourself before and after the trek. Namche also hosts a market on Saturdays. The viewpoints around Namche are amazing for mountains and the place itself is a wonderful place. Don’t believe me? See the view below.


Build piles of stones.

You will see many piles of stacked stones on your way. Stone piles are built to show spiritual respect, for reincarnation and the memory of dead people. They also help trekkers to show the way.


Mark memories on the stones at EBC.

Writing names, dates and messages on stones at Everest base camp and taking photographs is mandatory for many. You will find many stones with the names and dates of previous travellers. Why not mark awesome memories?


Visit local schools.

See-through local schools. They will gladly welcome you and the best part is you can meet local kids. Know about the school and some schools may even offer you to take a volunteer guest class.

Take your national flag to the base camp.

If you want, you can take your flag to the Everest base camp. You can see people walking with a flag in their hand and they take it all the way up to base camp and even to the top of Mt Everest.


Taste local food.

Local food is available throughout the trek. If you ask the cafes and restaurants, they will advise on foods that are best for you and the ones that keep you warm and strong during the trek. It is also mandatory to ask about the food, ingredients and all so that you won’t be regretting it later.

Explore culture in the Everest region.

Everest region is home to Sherpas and the trek will offer you to know more about their culture. Sherpa people are nice and you can talk to them about culture, trekking, Mt Everest and the region. Their culture is similar to Tibetians on the other side of the mountains.

Check your oxygen levels.

Oxygen levels are crucial health indicators and there are places in Pheriche, Dingboche and Namche to check your oxygen levels. If you do not have enough oxygen in your body, you are advised to rest and acclimatize. Check your oxygen levels before the considerable increase in altitude.

Yoga and meditation.

If you are into yoga and meditation, the Everest region is a paradise. What better place for yoga than in the shades of Mt. Everest? Also, the monasteries are a perfect place to meditate. Some of them teach meditation too.

Communicate with other travellers too; take back amazing memories.

Talking to people is one of the best ways to ensure you make the most out of the trek. Talk with people; tourists and locals. It helps you know more and take back amazing memories. Communicate and don’t forget to smile. Most importantly, if you feel uneasy, tell your friends and the trekking crew.

Discourage begging.

You may find people asking for money while in the Everest region. But giving them money only encourages them more.

Help to keep the environment clean.

Nepal is already fighting a battle against waste management even in regions of the majestic & mighty Mt. Everest. Do not litter around. Look around or carry waste to the dustbins. There will be dustbins on your way, use them.

This list is solely based on experiences from the Everest Base Camp Trek and I hope this helped you provide insights on what to do during the Everest Base Camp Trek. If you have any questions, inquire us or read more: A Complete Guide to Everest Base Camp Trek.