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Everest Base Camp Packing List

Posted On:Monday, May 23, 2022
Everest Base Camp Packing List

Have trouble finding the list of essentials for the Everest Base Camp Trek? Don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place. In this blog, we will discuss and list the complete Everest base camp packing list based on feedback and the personal experiences of 100+ trekkers. Let’s begin right away!

“What to pack for Everest Base Camp Trek? ” can be really confusing if you are not an experienced trekker. The general rule is to pack only the essentials and try to make the backpack as small as it can be. Even if you have brought a lot of stuff from back home, you can leave them in your hotel in Kathmandu and receive them after the trek. Below we discuss a list of things you will need for the trek.

A 60-litre comfortable backpack is recommended for the EBC trek. Check the backpack, read reviews and make sure it is comfortable to carry while trekking before buying a backpack. A Duffel bag is also one of the options.

Footwear and socks:
Footwear is one of the things you can’t afford to choose wrong while trekking. Make sure footwear is comfortable and does not cause sore feet. To ensure comfort and grip, hiking shoes are highly recommended (especially for those with high ankles). Lightweight, waterproof and fitting hiking boots are perfect for the EBC trek. Also, for your stay in a hotel, you may want flip-flops or other light footwear.

You can also buy spikes for hiking boots that will provide extra grip on slippery surfaces. Gaiters are also good if you are planning to trek during the monsoon.

We recommend you buy comfortable and warm but not too thick socks. 5-6 pairs for the trek is a good idea as you won’t be able to wash them while on the trek. Socks can be easily bought in Thamel.

You are going to feel hot as well as cold during your trek. It is a good idea to wear layered clothing while trekking to places like EBC. Most experienced trekkers wear and recommend wearing 2-3 layers of clothes while trekking to Everest base camp. The 3 layers are: the base layer for ticking away moisture and sweat, the middle layer to keep you warm and the outer layer is the shell which is usually windproof or waterproof. The base layer should not absorb wetness so it should be of synthetic material and not cotton. So, what clothes can be used as these layers?

Base: Breathable sports underwear, dry-fit t-shirts, hiking shirts, light thermals and socks.

Middle: Fleece jackets and sweaters.

Outer: Raincoats, Rainproof Jackets/Trousers, Windproof Jackets/Trousers, Gloves.

Down jackets will ensure you are warm and safe in the extreme cold weather on the trek. These jackets are known to keep you warm even at -10 or -20 degrees celsius. It is recommended that you buy them in your country as buying down jackets (original) in Kathmandu can be costlier. Down jackets are available for rent in Thamel at a cheap price.

Rainproof and windproof jackets are also necessary to tackle uncertain weather conditions in the mountains. They can be easily bought in Thamel for around $40 or more. You can also carry a rainproof cover for your stuff.

You will need 2-3 pairs of trousers for your trek. One hiking trouser (windproof/waterproof) to wear during the trek, one normal for your stay in hotels and one extra in case of emergencies. Sometimes during hot days, half pants will also work. The trousers are also available to buy in Thamel.

The higher altitude areas are particularly cold and for that, you will need 1-2 pairs of inner thermals. Light thermals are better than thick or woollen ones as you can be sweaty during the trek.

Full-sleeve, light and dry-fit T-shirts will be perfect for the EBC trek. You may need 4-5 t-shirts (both half and full sleeve) for the trek.

Sunglasses, gloves and hats
Polarized sunglasses will protect your eyes from dust and UV rays. Beware of the fake ones if you are planning to buy them in Kathmandu. Normal waterproof and windproof gloves are good for the EBC trek. A hat is a good idea but not a compulsion.

Water Bottle and Purifier:
Carrying a water bottle is a must. It will help you reduce costs as 1 litre of water may cost around $3 on the EBC trek route. Also, carry a water purifier as the water available on the trek route may not always be safe to drink. Water purifiers are usually drops or tablets. It is better to buy a water bottle suitable for both cold and hot water.

Walking stick:
Walking sticks can help you a lot especially if you are a beginner. The stick is also known as the Trekking Pole will help to support your knees during the trek. This can be bought in Thamel for around $10.

EBC Trek Map:
Maps will be of great use for planning as well as trekking to those who are trekking without agency. The maps of Everest Base Camp Trek can be bought in Kathmandu or Lukla or Namche Bazaar.

Medical Kit:
It is best to carry a medical kit with some basic medicine and health care items. Your medical kit should basically include these items: paracetamol, painkillers, digestive tablets, bandages, hand plants, antiseptic, Diamox, diarrhoea tablets, rehydration powder and lip balm.

If you have any prescription medicines, do not forget to pack them too.

Hand Sanitizer and Toiletries:
Hand sanitiser is another must-have and it comes in handy every now and then. Toiletries are better bought in your countries as your options may be limited in Nepal.

Sleeping bag:
Sleeping bags are found in teahouses and are also available for hire in Kathmandu. However, carrying one during peak seasons is always a good idea. Sometimes, the blankets may not be enough for you and in this case, a sleeping bag definitely helps.

Trek Sleeping Bag:
The Complete Everest Base Camp Packing List
In case you don’t miss anything else, here’s the full list:

Travel Insurance
Air tickets
Few passport-sized photos
Clothing and Accessories
Neck gaiter
Lightweight thermal gloves
Lightweight towel
Down Jacket
Windproof and waterproof jacket
Windproof and waterproof trousers
Sleeping trousers
T-Shirts (full/half sleeve)
Walking shoes or sandals
Hiking shoes
Sleeping bag
Food & water
Snacks ( Crackers, Chips, Biscuits, etc)
Protein bars
Dry fruits
Your favourite coffee or tea bags
Water bottle
Water purifier
Personal Hygiene and Toiletries
Hand sanitiser
Quick drying towel
Multipurpose soap
Nail clipper
Face wash
Body wash
Baby Wipes
Sunscreen with maximum SPF
Small mirror
Feminine hygiene (Sanitary pads)
Other Essentials
Sleeping bag
Duffel bag
Backpack (45-60 litre)
Swiss knife
Trekking Pole or Stick
Portable charger/power bank
A notebook and a pen are always useful
Alarm clock
Insect repellent
Sewing kit
Card games (Uno, Skip-Bo)
Board games (Ludo, Chess)
This is a general packing list most people would recommend for Mount Everest Base Camp Trek. Let me know if I missed anything (in the comments section). Also, feel free to inquire us if you have any queries.

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