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Everest Base Camp Trek Cost

Posted On:Saturday, May 21, 2022
Everest Base Camp Trek Cost

Everest Base Camp Trek cost is the most popular trek in Nepal and also one of the greatest in the world. Each year, more than 70% of the trekkers head on to the world’s highest mountain. Why wouldn’t they? EBC trek is one of its kind, with magnificent trails and terrains, and beautiful mountains, which is all worth it. But, this all surely does come at a cost.

Many of us are confused about Everest Base Camp Trek costs and if you are one of them, you are in the right place. In this EBC Trek Blog, we will discuss all the costs of trekking to Everest Base Camp. The trek cost varies on factors such as the number of days you wish to trek, having an organized trek or an independent trek, accommodations, trekking season and other services.

Usually, the trekking package is inclusive of all these costs like guides, porters, food, accommodation and transport but we will break these down so that you have a clear understanding of the Everest Base Camp Trek price. This is especially helpful for solo travellers. Those trekking through agencies will have a better idea of the costs and will help to choose a perfect package.

Everest Base Camp Trek Cost with Agency

Local and international agencies will charge you USD 1500-3000 per person for a 15 Days Everest Base Camp Trek. A budget EBC trek package will cost around USD 1500 and if you are looking for a luxury EBC Trek, USD 3000 would be more likely. Luxury EBC Trek Package will offer you luxury accommodations and food in Kathmandu and also during the trek. The price of the package offered by the agencies generally includes the costs of a porter, guides, flights to/from Lukla or transport to Salleri/Jiri, permits, food (breakfast, lunch, dinner) and accommodations throughout your trip (Kathmandu to Kathmandu).

Everest Base Camp Trek cost Price will be low if you are trekking in groups as you can share guides, porters and accommodation. The price mentioned by the trekking agencies is generally for two persons. If you are looking to trek solo, the costs may be around USD 800 but you will be on your own without guides, porters and other arrangements from the agency. You can also hire a guide/porter on your own if you want to.

Below is a list of things that make up the cost of trekking to Everest Base Camp. We’ll also discuss some of the tips and ways you can save up on costs while also enjoying the trek to the fullest. Anyways, let’s dig right into the guide to the Everest Base Camp Trek Cost.

Guides and Porters Cost

Having a guide in the mountains is a must as they play a crucial role in helping you and keeping you company. The standard rate of hiring a guide for Everest Base Camp Trek is USD 20-35 per day and may vary according to the experience of the guide. Packing for the trek may weigh a lot so a good thing to do is to hire a porter as well. Porters usually charge USD 15-30 per day. Hiring both a porter and guide for your 13 days will cost you around USD 500. Read a full guide on Hiring a Guide in Nepal.

Accommodation Costs

Over the number of years, the infrastructure of the Everest Region has developed quickly. You will find a number of teahouses every 2-3 hours of trekking. Everest Base Camp Trek Cost hugely depends upon the accommodations you choose on your trek and your stay in Kathmandu. Hotels as cheap as 5-25$ USD per night stay are available and there are lots of options for accommodation which range from small basic to well-facilitated hotel rooms. Some trekkers even stay at a typical homestay, where they share the same kitchen with the family and share stories with one another. Accommodation gradually altitude costs for the Everest Base Camp Trek is around $10-$25 per day.

Food and Water Costs

As I have already mentioned that infrastructures are developing in a steady phase, bringing all the possible meals available at all the teahouses. The teahouses have typical Dal-Bhat and some also offer other dishes such as Indian, Italian and intercontinental. The foods are local and hygienic. Drinks include tea, coffee, and flavoured drinks as well. The cost can be estimated at a range of 1$-5$ USD and may gradually increase with altitude as the cost to transport the items increases. The average cost estimate for food during EBC Trek is $35 per day.

Permit Costs

Trekking to Everest Base Camp requires two permits:
TIMS Card and Sagarmatha National Park permit.
Pahang Lamu municipality permit cost NRs.2000 for one week per-person
Sagarmatha National Park Permit costs NRs.3500.per-person
TIMS Card costs NRs.1000 if you are trekking
Individual per-person NRs.2000 for one week
SAARC nationals Sagarmatha national park permit NRs. 1,500 for one-week per-person
Chitwan National Park NRs. 1,000 per-person (SAARC)
Banke National Park NRs. 750 per person(SAARC)

Transportation Costs

The most popular trekking route starts from Lukla and for that, you will have to fly to Lukla. This will cost you around USD 180-186. You can also drive to Jiri or Salleri and then trek towards the base camp which will cost you no more than $20 on a local bus.

Travel Insurance Costs

Everest Region is a remote place and poses some sorts of risks. Be it minor injuries to emergency helicopter evacuation can invite unwanted expenses. A helicopter evacuation might claim up to 3000-5000 USD even need on this prior Covid-19 insurance coverage up to 5000 USD. So to counter the uncertainties it is better to have good travel insurance. The insurance might cost you around 110$ USD. The Everest region is full of uncertainties. Emergency helicopter evacuation and complications in health conditions can significantly increase the cost. A suggestion is getting travel insurance for the trek in case such unforeseen circumstances may occur.

Everest Base Camp Trek Cost FAQs

How costly is the Everest Base Camp Trek? 

If you wish to book through an organization the cost may range from 1300$ to 2500$ USD per person. The cost includes a guide, potter, meals and accommodation, flight and trekking permits.

What can increase or decrease the EBC Trek cost?

Trekking in peak season may lead to an increased cost. During these times, the availability of accommodation can be an issue which leads to an increase in price for the stay. The length of your trip may also affect the cost of your trek, meaning the higher the number of days, the higher the costs and vice versa. The accommodation and transport also play a role in costs.

The cost may increase if you wish to plan some other activities besides the itineraries provided by the agency. If you are on a budget then, travelling alone or hiring a guide independently can drastically decrease the costs. The drawback of travelling alone is that you will have to be on your own managing your trek. Not hiring a porter/guide can also decrease the cost but it is not recommended.

What are the cost-cutting options?

While booking a trekking package, the local agencies around Kathmandu city might provide you with a better deal than the international agencies. Also, trekking during the off-season will cut off some costs, as most agencies provide packages at more reasonable prices.

If you are alone and are planning for Everest Base Camp, then you can get involved in various travel forums and get into a group and trek together. When you are in a group, agencies provide special deals, and the cost of hiring guides also gets reduced. Similarly, you can also ask a trek operator to arrange a group for you.

What does it mean if I’m buying a costly EBC trek package?

A costly Everest package means you will be getting services of high quality. You will be getting stays in luxury hotels and spas. The trek itineraries include various special offers and amenities.  But, ask in detail about your route, itinerary, accommodation and transport to be on the safe side. Learn More: Everest Base Camp Luxury Trek 

What happens to the cost if I choose to trek to EBC via other routes and including other destinations?

Apart from the traditional route, there are other trek routes such as Tumlingtar to Everest Base Camp, Jiri to Everest Base Camp, and Three Passes Trek. Cost mainly depends on the duration of the days, food, and accommodation, so, if you wish to include other destinations costs may rise accordingly.

What about costs if I trek SOLO to Everest Base Camp? Where can I save costs?

Trekking solo can be a saver in your travel budget. It is estimated travelling solo to EBC is going to cost you around 700$ USD. Hiring porters and guides might cost you around USD 300 – 400. Most trekkers fly over to Lukla but it can also be reached by bus and trekking to Lukla. You need to travel to Jiri by 9 hour-long journey bus and trek to Lukla which will take you 7 or 9 days.

Now that you know about the trekking costs to EBC, you can choose your requirements to best match your Everest Base Camp Trek budget. If you want to know more, read: A Complete Guide to Everest Base Camp Trek.

Planning for Everest Base Camp Trek? Inquire us and we will help you plan a perfect Everest Base Camp Trek that fits well with your budget.